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Frauke Schlütz
Karl Tenhagen – Vom Bankkaufmanngehilfe-Lehrling zum Genossenschaftsleiter und vom Genossenschaftsleiter zum Bankmanager
Karl Tenhagen – From Banker's Assistant Apprentice to Cooperative Bank Director and from Cooperative Bank Director to Bank Manager The group of persons who managed cooperative banks has not attracted a great deal of attention in the scholarly research into economic history. The reasons are the underestimation of their significance (far beyond the actual cooperative organization) as well as the often scarce source material. In the case of Chairman of the Board Karl Tenhagen, who worked in Rhineland cooperative banks for around 50 years – 40 years of which being for Volksbank Dinslaken eG – the traditional sources do allow for a sufficiently in-depth case study, though. They show how Tenhagen – like many other directors of German cooperative banks – helped to shape the development of the credit cooperative sector not only locally but also on the regional and to a lesser degree on the national level. Further studies will indicate to what extent Tenhagen's professional career is representative for the large number of board members of cooperative banks on the local level of the Cooperative Financial Services Network. As with the present paper, they can make important contributions to the history of the German credit cooperatives based on biographical studies of individual actors.