• Banking and Finance in Historical Perspective
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Harald Wixforth

Expansion durch "Arisierung"? / Expansion by "aryanisation"?

Die Geschäftsausweitung der Reichs-Kredit-Gesellschaft in die "Provinz" / The branching out of the Reichs-Kredit-Gesellschaft business into the "provinces"

In recent years historical economic research has intensively concerned itself with the driving out of Jews from economy and business during the Nazi era. On the basis of newly published studies, the participants, their behaviour and also the complexity of the "aryanisation" process are already clearly revealed. A further issue is also indisputable: mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 25–42

Jan Ising / Dirk Schiereck / Jochen Stoeber

Notierungsdauer und Performance börslich gehandelter deutscher Unternehmen / Quote duration and performance of German businesses trading on the stock exchange

Eine Beschreibung des Amtlichen Handels von 1948 bis 2003 / An account of Official Trading from 1948 to 2003

When analysing the significance of stock exchanges in comparison with international standards, the ratio of total stock exchange capitalisation to gross domestic product is a coefficient that is regularly used for the evaluation of national finance systems. This coefficient turns out to be comparatively small in Germany. In order to understand mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 43–59

Michael Schefczyk

Risikokapital in Deutschland / Risk capital in Germany

Finanzierungslösungen durch Beteiligungsgesellschaften, Banken und Börsen / Financial solutions by holding companies, banks and stock exchanges

The risk capital market represents a particular segment of the equity market. Venture capital companies are active within it as financial intermediaries in the innovation sector that is pertinent to the early development stages of businesses and their financing. Investors (e.g. banks, pension funds or insurance companies) make capital available to mehr...


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