• Banking and Finance in Historical Perspective
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35. Jahrgang | Jahr 2009 | Heft 2

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Bernd Rudolph / Joachim Scholtyseck / Paul Thomes

Zum Tod von Christoph Buchheim (1954–2009)


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Hartmut Kiehling

Die Geldpolitik der Reichsbank in der Großen Inflation / Reichsbank's Monetary Policy during High and Hyperinflation

Die Kreditschöpfung und ihre Determinanten 1914 bis 1923 / Credit Expansion and its Factors 1914–1923

The main purpose of this contribution is to explore money supply and other reasons for credit expansion during high and hyperinflation in Germany, and to compare it as accurately as possible with actual lending. Volume and time to maturity are particularly important factors behind credit expansion. These factors have been explored before to a very mehr...