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Martin Espenhorst

More than a Principle

The History of Savings Banks in the Course of Stein's Städteordnung, 1808–1838

The interest in savings banks was always strong when the issue was the development of new social protection systems. The reform of the principles of municipal self-administration initiated by Baron vom Stein (Stein'sche Städteordnung), introduced in 1808, provided such tools as were required for the savings banks to prosper – to start with, in mehr...


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Alexander Troschke / Friedrich Thießen

Was wusste Markowitz? Die Geschichte der Diversifikation / The History of Diversification

Diversification is one of the most important phenomena in finance. Its origins are hardly explored. Mark Rubinstein assumed, Markowitz’ paper of 1952 "seemed to come out of nowhere". It is the aim of this article to explain the history of diversification in science and practice in order to show what was known, when Markowitz wrote his ingenious article mehr...


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Claudio Marsilio

"Four times a year for so many years"

The Italian Exchange Fairs during the XVIth–XVIIth Centuries

The Genoese fairs inherited the features of a time-honoured institution which improved itself through the subsequent stages of Geneva, Lyon Piacenza and finally Novi. This economic and financial institution reached its zenith between the end of the XVIth Century and the beginning of the XVIIth Century; starting from 1580 almost all European mehr...


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