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Andreas Witte

"Zum Golde drängte alles"? / "Toward Gold thronged all?"

Die Genese des klassischen Goldstandards, diskretionäre Notenbankpolitik und das Klischee von Mythos versus Realität / The Genesis of the Classical Gold Standard, Discretionary Central Bank Policy and the Cliché of Myth versus Reality

This article attempts, on the one hand, to give an updated and commented overview of the contemporary array of opinions on the subject of the gold standard; on the other, it will take its own critical look at this currency regime. To this end, firstly, the principles and mechanisms which constitute the basis for such a monetary system will be presented so as to mehr...


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Holger Blisse / Markus Hanisch

Bankengruppen übergreifende Tendenzen im deutschen Bankensystem? / Cross-bank Trends in the German Banking System?

The 'three columns' of the German banking system, composed of private commercial banks, institutions subject to public law (savings banks and 'Landesbanken') and cooperative banks, could be seen as a firm structure, but have triggered wide discussions time and again. Unlike, for instance, the situation in Italy and France, where the way to the private mehr...


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