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Stefano Battilossi

Corrupting a German Model?

The Corporate Governance of Italian Universal Banks, 1894–1933

Theoretical considerations suggest that corporate governance mechanisms, such as ownership and agency relationships, may play an important role in influencing the risk taking behavior of financial intermediaries – and consequently financial stability – as well as in reducing conflicts of interest and moral hazard in insider systems in which mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 120–136

Leslie Hannah

The Development of Japanese Banking in the 20th Century

Reflections in Western Mirrors

In the west, the history of Japanese finance is still often treated, following Gerschenkron, as a case of a bank-orientated rather than a stock exchange-orientated system. It is debateable whether this was true for most of the 20th century. The governance (by the state, shareholders, market and boards) of 20th century Japanese banks and the evolution of mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 137–163

Christopher Kobrak

Banking on Governance

U.K. and U.S. Financial Markets and Management in the 20th Century

Banking occupies a rather unique space in corporate governance literature. Historically and in some corporate governance systems today, banks serve as active intermediaries, resolving conflicts among shareholders, managers and other stakeholders. In some systems, the German for example, they even replaced direct government regulation in mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 164–197

Reinhard H. Schmidt / Felix Noth

Die Entwicklung der Corporate Governance deutscher Banken seit 1950 / The Development of Corporate Governance of German Banks since 1950

The present paper gives an overview of the development of Corporate Governance of German banks since the 1950s. The focus will be on economic analysis. The most striking changes in Corporate Governance occurred with the ownership structure of commercial banks, in particular with the major joint-stock banks. In addition to that, the capital market has mehr...


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