• Banking and Finance in Historical Perspective
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Heribert Anzinger / Sebastian Karach / Steffen Meinshausen / Dirk Schiereck

Aktive Minderheiten und die Rechte des Kleinaktionärs / Active Minorities and the Rights of Small Shareholders

Die Entwicklung des Aktionärsaktivismus am Beispiel Erich Nold / The Development of Shareholder Activism, taking Erich Nold as an Example

The present paper elucidates the impact that the Darmstadt-based coal merchant Erich Nold exerted on the development of shareholders democracy in Germany, torn between the priorities of protection of minority shareholders and predatory shareholder activism. Based on the examination of three general meetings, Nold's approach and his criticism of mehr...


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John D. Turner

British Banking Stability and Bank Capital in the Long Run

This paper surveys two centuries of British banking stability and bank capital. Data on failure rates suggests that there have only been two severe systemic banking crises over this period – 1825/26 and 2007/08. It is argued in this paper that these two crises are correlated with inadequately capitalised banking institutions, which in the case of the mehr...


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Michael Heise

Weltwirtschaftskrisen im historischen Rückblick / A Historical Review on Global Economic Crises

Die 1930er-Jahre und die globale Rezession 2008/09 / The 1930s and the Global Recession in 2008/09

It will still take many years before a thorough historical analysis and classification of the so-called Great Recession of 2008 and 2009 will be accomplished. In the meantime, however, it seems to be clear that the latest economic crisis ran a different course than the Great Depression of approximately eighty years ago, which had such devastating mehr...


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