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Carsten Burhop

Ressourcenkonflikte bei Aktienerstemissionen im Deutschen Reich um 1900

Resource Conflicts in the Initial Public Offering of Shares in the German Empire around the Year 1900 — The evaluation of companies, particularly their tangible and intangible resources, poses a particular problem in the initial public offering of shares. Because the actual value can only be measured after the first share price has been established on mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 20–39

Korinna Schönhärl

Warum Geld für Hellas? Die Verschuldung Griechenlandsin den 1880er-Jahren

Why Money for Hellas? Greece's Foreign Debt in the 1880s — It is not only in the present day that Greece is seen as a shaky candidate for foreign direct investments. The situation in the 19th century was similar. Nevertheless the country borrowed large sums during its struggle for independence from the Ottoman Empire in the 1820s and in the phase of the mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 40–58

Alexander Engel

Zank um Zwiebeln – Kontroversen um den agrarischen Börsenterminhandel in den USA (1954-72)

Quarrels over Onions. Controversies surrounding the Futures Trading in Agricultural Products in the U.S. (1954-72) — Current controversies over derivative markets for agricultural goods do not make reference to the heated debates concerning futures trading in agricultural goods that had taken place in the 1890s and 1900s, but the lines of mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 59–72

Claire-Amandine Soulié

Financing the Railway in France: The Haute Banque between Collaboration and Competition, 1832-52

This article investigates the role played by trust in regulating two sets of relationships: those between members of the Parisian haute banque on the one hand, and those between the haute banque and the French government on the other. Oscillating between collaboration and competition, the complexity of the relationship between members of the haute mehr...


Aufsatz: Seite 73–90

Boris Gehlen

,Manipulierende Händler' versus ,dumme Agrarier': Reale und symbolische Konflikte um das Börsengesetz von 1896

'Manipulative Traders' versus 'Stupid Agriculturalists': Real and Symbolic Conflicts over the Securities Exchange Act of 1896 — Whereas in the late 19th century, in most countries negotiations being conducted on the futures trading ban and the stock market regulation were mainly pragmatic and according to objective criteria, the discussion on the mehr...